Lean Business Process SaaS that changes with the times

Add to Slack

Business automation solutions for the Slack enterprise

A sleek CRM alternative

Forward email to Slack to create a trackable ticket in Slingr. Need to add or retrieve a record from Slingr while working in Slack? Simple #commands create or fetch records, returning links to Slingr for easy navigation.


Marketing automation that amplifies results

Leads from your web site, landing pages and newsletters become contacts in Slingr, and notify Slack channels for immediate attention.


Enter and update Jira tickets from Slack

Companies use Jira to track developer issues, but sometimes only the developers log in. With Slingr, you can report Jira issues in Slack — so issue tracking includes everyone.


Finding yourself trapped in yesterday’s technology when you want to do something new?

Feeling defeated by “cloud” technical debt and overlap?
Does anyone even sell what you need?

If you’re a developer who has tried SLINGR, you probably see the land of the possible and are itching to get under the hood to add some horsepower to your applications.  BUILDR is an easy to use way to make sure the engine of your application is made to order. Soon we’ll offer an affordable subscription that will send you on your way.

If you are a weighed down with legacy software, overlapping feature sets, data silos and a general avoidance of tackling the issues, now there is a way to

With BUILDR, you can:

  1. Save money by replacing superfluous systems
  2. Enjoy the freedom of integrating the best application for the task
  3. Make better decisions by sharing information from cloud silos
  4. Control your technology roadmap
  5. Avoid business interruption by incrementally offloading relevant functionalities, one-at-a-time versus flash cut
  6. Make it easier for the users by leveraging the interfaces that users are already using (e.g. Slack)

Don’t be held hostage by what the same me-too cloud applications! Orchestrate your collection of cloud with unique automation that makes your company stand out.

BUILDR is coming soon!

What about other integrations?

Slingr is built on the Idea2 platform for maximum flexibility. At any time, your Slingr app can be converted to a custom solution. We can take you wherever you want to go with Slack.

Idea2 is a low-code application platform as a service that features pre-built endpoints and an integration framework so that developers can build their own integrations. We will launch Builder in Summer 2016 so that Slack aficionados can have their way with Slingrbot.

Imagining more? – Let Us know!