The easy way to manage the important stuff

Process automation for the Slack-centric business

Add to Slack

Eliminate the confusing array of email, random apps and paper

  • Easy to find the most important data
    Collaborate freely and frequently — add essential information to Slingr for immediate retrieval without a scroll-fest.
  • The fast way to SLING your data IN
    Enjoy smooth navigation to create and access your records in Slingr from Slack. No futzing around with complicated applications.
  • Learn workflows as you go
    Slingrbot helps you remember Slingr commands by entering #help in Slack. You’ll be an expert in no time!
  • Organized data at your fingertips
    Export everything fast — all channel, tasks, opportunities, activities and notes in .csv format.

Hashtag Heaven

Shortcuts that save time

Password – #password
Sends a link to create or reset your Slingr password.

Create Task – #td
Creates a new task and assign it to any slack users mentioned.

Fetch Open Tasks – #fot
Displays all your unfinished tasks.

Fetch Today’s Tasks – #fott
Displays all your unfinished tasks for the day.

Fetch overdue Tasks – #fotd
Displays all your overdue tasks.


Fetch This Month’s Tasks – #fotm
Displays all your unfinished tasks for the month.

Close Task – #ct
Closes a task.

Add Task Note – #atn
Adds a note to a task.

Add Channel Note – #acn
Adds a note to a specified channel or the channel you are in.

Fetch Task Details – #ftd
Displays the details and notes for a task.

What if we want to escape an out-of-the-box solution?

We rapidly customize SLINGR to eliminate the aggravation caused by broken process and data silo mayhem.  Now you can spend more time creating happy customers and less time operating cloud flipper-flappers.

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